3 MUST HAVE Things On Your Digital Marketing Resume

3 MUST HAVE Things On Your Digital Marketing Resume


So, You Want A Career In Digital Marketing?


In these turbulent times of lockdowns, social-distancing, and economic downturns, many brick and mortar businesses are struggling as never before. Perhaps you also may have been impacted by recent events? With this in mind, a career in Digital Marketing becomes an ever more attractive proposition, why?

A career in Digital Marketing offers incentives that reduce the impact of many of the negative characteristics that we have just mentioned. For instance, Digital Marketing offers the possibility of working 'remotely'. As an online industry, it's doors remain open even during times of 'social distancing', and, as one of the fastest-growing sectors in recent times, it offers great career advancement possibilities.

So, if you have your heart set on moving into the Digital Age to ply your trade, there are at least 3 MUST HAVE things that should be on your resume.


Content Marketing


What exactly is Content Marketing? To put simply, Content Marketing is the ability to create and share engaging content over a wide selection of platforms. Have you ever read the opening sentence of a website or email that made you bin it immediately? Well, Content Marketing is a vital skill that helps to reduce the amount of times that this occurs.

So, how can you demonstrate an ability to effectively handle Content Marketing for your prospective employer? Consider these options:


  1. Demonstrate an awareness of how to create content over the following platforms: social media updates, infographics, and printed forms such as books.
  2. Show experience in how surveys, online resources, surveys and webinars can engage your target audience.
  3. Provide examples of content, preferably samples that are related to the field of work in which you are seeking to work.

There are at least 3 steps to proving yourself an invaluable addition to a Digital Marketing team. The ability to create and share engaging content marketing copy is right at the top of the list!


Social Media Marketing


At this point, the following brands should suffice to demonstrate why social media marketing is a vital tool to have for prospective Digital Marketers: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

However, you should be aware as to why those brands are must-have skills for a Digital Marketer, and how they can be incorporated into your resume. Social Media marketing should be demonstrated on your resume by:


  • Showing how to position your content irrespective of which platform it appears on.
  • Knowing which content will appeal to which audience.
  • The ability to 'sell' your product or service without appearing as a salesperson.
  • The ability to create 'followers' to your brand or product.


As you can see, Social Media Marketing goes hand in hand with Content Marketing. Content Marketing will help you create a punch which Social Media Marketing will throw. Your chance of securing your career in Digital Marketing will likely depend upon the ability to demonstrate the importance, and execution of those vital tools.

There is, though, one final, and vital area that MUST be included, an area that interlinks with the other two to make them more effective.


Traffic Acquisition


So, what exactly is Traffic Acquisition? It means the ability to create the most leads, the most sales, at the best R.O.I (return on investment).

If you have ever heard of EOFYS, end of financial year sales, you will understand that, at times, companies will just spend money to reduce their tax obligations whilst securing things that they would not normally spend money on. Traffic Acquisition will probably NOT fall under this category. Professional and effective companies want to know exactly how each dollar, pound, euro or yen will generate more business for them.

To demonstrate your mastery of this vital cog in the machine, consider the following:



  1. Demonstrate an effective command of the following advertising terms: “search,” “display,” “native,” “mobile,” “video,” and “third-party.”
  2. Familiarity with how those terms can be used effectively, so you can place your ads on the right platform for your audience to create an effective online advertising campaign.
  3. And, understand and demonstrate ability in the key areas of 'Cost Per Transaction' and 'Cost Per Click', and how these affect the R.O.I.


Your prospective employer will need to be assured that, only can you secure more clients for their business, but, that you can do this at the most effective price.


As you can see, the ability to acquire traffic at the best price is one of the staple tasks of a Digital Marketer. And, whilst it is not MORE IMPORTANT than the other two key areas, it is AS IMPORTANT since each area joins together to form an effective Digital Marketing campaign.



Summing It Up


Imagine for a moment that a Carpenter came to your home armed with only a hammer. What would be your impression? Likely, you would think that this person is not a professional. They are unprepared to handle the task of working in your home. In the same way, if you attend an interview for Digital Marketing without a demonstration of sufficient skills and tools, your prospective employer will likely feel that you are unprepared to handle the task they require.

Today, we have demonstrated 4 MUST HAVE Requirements for your resume. However, they are not the only ones. The aim of these three areas is to answer 3 of the more common questions an employer will ask:


  • Can this person present us in an effective way?
  • Do they know where to use this in order to achieve the best results?
  • Can they do this in the most financially beneficial way?


So, before attending an interview for a position in Digital Marketing, take time to think as your employer likely will. Ask the questions that they will ask, and be familiar with the answers that they will seek. When you do this, you will be at least 3 steps closer to a career in Digital Marketing. Happy Advertising!