How ABBR Can Benefit Your Social Media Account

How ABBR Can Benefit Your Social Media Account


Does Our ABBR URL Shortener Help Your Social Media Account?


There's no doubt that social media platforms have masses of url's.

Perhaps it is the case that your business is featured on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the myriads of other social media sites that exist. As such, url extensions tend to be quite hot property, hence why sometimes a URL will have a long list of numbers following the root domain...something like 0117592353.

With that being the case, how can a URL shortener such as ours help you with your business promotion?


The Benefits Of Using Our Service


There is no doubt that a shorter url WILL benefit your business. Not only is the shorter URL easier to remember, but it also allows customisation. This means that you can integrate Brands or Keywords into your shortened URL. For instance, if you are a plumber, your shortened URL could be something like However, with customisation, this could become either: https://plumber/01234 or

Either of those options adds just that little extra to ensuring that your content gets recognized, and indexed more effectively. Some URL shorteners contain literally only 3 or 4 characters, and whilst ours is one or two more characters, consider this:

The average optimised URL can often be 20 or more characters! Consider


If you only count the alpha-numberic characters, then that URL has more than 45 characters! Wow! That's quite a lot to remember! So, getting a shorter URL with perhaps only 18 characters(including https) means that you have cut more than 50% from the extremely lengthy domain.


Of course, customisation of URL's with full benefits, comes from our modestly priced subscription accounts. However, you can still get the benefits of a generated shortened URL with our FREE service.


So, there we have it. Using a URL shortener is a must have, and effective tool in promoting your business or service online. Please feel FREE to use our URL shortening service whenever you need more effective online marketing for your business, anywhere in the World.