URL Shorteners - The Importance of Branding

URL Shorteners - The Importance of Branding


URLs Why Branding?


Isn't it just enough to shorten a URL? I mean, after all, doesn't the fact that the URL has been shortened mean that marketing goals have been achieved? Well, yes and no.


The first thing to consider is that shortening your URL will have a positive effect on your Marketing. Overly long URLs tend to kind of be a wet blanket in terms of brand recognition. However, just having a shortened URL is not driving home the full advantage. The final leg of your marketing goal should be to use a URL that is closely linked with your brand. What do I mean by this?


How To Brand Your Shortened URL


So, how do you going about branding your URL? There are two ways to do this.


Basically, your URL is divided into two parts. Consider this URL     https://abbr.site/dy3RN


There are two parts to this URL. The first part is abbr.site, the second is dy3RN. Now, with URL shortening, you can change either of them. For instance, many URL shorteners will let you change the first part, perhaps you could name it plumb.uk. Therefore the URL now becomes https://plumb.uk/dy3RN. This is a fantastic way of getting your brand awareness up. Customisable URL shorteners are fantastic in their flexibility and using this portion of your shortened URL is an indispensible way of using your link to increase awareness.


The Second way is equally beneficial. Consider for example that you leave the first part as is. You can still change the latter part of the domain, so that the shortened URL now becomes https://abbr.site/plumb-uk. The advantage of this second method is that the authority of the URL shortener site is preserved, and a little of that authority is now passed on through the link that you have created. With the first method, the authority that is passed on is dependent upon the authority of the branded link you have used. For instance, if you change the primary part of the shortened domain to plumb.uk, the authority that will be passed on could be as low as 1, if that is a new and unused domain.


So, in achieving your marketing goals, try to go beyond just shortening the URL. Subscribe to a PRO account. That way you can change the information in your shortened URL in such a way as to really amplify the benefits of this wonderful tool.